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BreakAway Health Corporation is honoured to be a Wellbriety certified site. Wellbriety is a part of our healing curriculum through White Bison. Wellbriety helps individuals and families recover from unresolved grief and losses created by intergenerational trauma.

Requirements to be a Wellbriety certified addiction treatment center include:

  • An annual visit of our facility by White Bison leadership
  • Having at least one Native American National/state certified alcohol counsellor as a part of our clinical team
  • Having a relationship and ready access to at least one Native American elder for advice
  • Ensuring that Native traditional healing practices are incorporated into treatment programs, including but not limited to smudging, sweat lodge, naming ceremony, or healing ceremony, as appropriate for the person served
  • Coordinating and ensuring staff have access to facilitator training on the Medicine Wheel and 12 steps, Mending Broken Hearts, and any
    other Wellbriety training programs that are facilitated by our staff


Wellbriety means to be sober and well.

Wellbriety teaches that we must find sobriety from addictions to alcohol and other drugs and recover from the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol on individuals, families and whole communities.

The “Well” part of Wellbriety is the inspiration to go on beyond sobriety and recovery, committing to a life of wellness and healing every day.



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